Fines and billing fees


Reserves are held at the Circulation Desk and the majority of reserve material is restricted to two hours in library use. In library use reserve materials returned overdue are subject to fines of $1.00 per hour . A few reserve items are allowed out of the library with loan periods ranging from overnight to 30 days. 


If a checked out item is needed by another patron, or for reserve, it may be recalled. If an item is recalled, the due date will be changed and a notice will be sent to the borrower holding the item. There is a fine of $.50 per day for recalled items returned after the adjusted recall due date. There is a minimum use period of two weeks for Missouri S&T regular collection items. If an item has been checked out for more than one week, it will be due one week from the recall date. If it has been checked out for less than one week, it will be due two weeks from the original check out date.

Other fines and billing charges:

Other MERLIN or MOBIUS libraries may charge fines of up to $5.00 per day for certain overdue items. Missouri S&T cannot drop or reduce fines charged by other libraries. All billed items accrue billing fees of up to $20.00 per item that cannot be waived. Billing fees are charged in addition to the cost of the item if the item is not returned. Books are billed 30 days after the due date. Books that have been lost and paid for are not eligible for a refund if six or more months have passed since the bill was paid, or one year after the book has been billed, whichever is less.