Curtis Laws Wilson Library
400 W. 14th Street
Rolla, MO 65409-0060

8 AM - Midnight
7 Days a Week
Closed Campus Holidays

Main office: 573-341-4227
Circulation: 573-341-4008
Interlibrary Loan: 573-341-4006
Reference: 573-341-4007
Fax: 573-341-4233

Librarians by Subject Area
Arts, Languages and PhilosophyChris Jocius7842
Aerospace EngineeringMatthew Pickens7839
Biological SciencesChris Jocius7842
Business AdministrationSherry Mahnken7843
Chemical and Biological EngineeringChris Jocius7842
ChemistryChris Jocius7842
Civil EngineeringMatthew Pickens7839
Computer ScienceMatthew Pickens7821
EconomicsSherry Mahnken7843
EducationChris Jocius7821
Electrical and Computer EngineeringMatthew Pickens7821
Engineering ManagementSherry Mahnken7843
English and Technical CommunicationSherry Mahnken7843
Geological Sciences and EngineeringMatthew Pickens7839
HistorySherry Mahnken7843
Interdisciplinary EngineeringChris Jocius7842
Materials Science & EngineeringChris Jocius7842
Mathematics and StatisticsMatthew Pickens7839
Mechanical EngineeringMatthew Pickens7839
Mining EngineeringMatthew Pickens7839
Nuclear EngineeringMatthew Pickens7839
Petroleum EngineeringMatthew Pickens7839
PhysicsMatthew Pickens7839
Political ScienceSherry Mahnken7843
PsychologyChris Jocius7842