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Finding a book in a MOBIUS library

At times, the book you want will not be available in the University of Missouri system.

In these cases, you may still be able to receive a copy of the book within five to seven business days from another library in the state of Missouri. Many of the college and university libraries in the state are linked together in a system called MOBIUS. As a Missouri S&T student, you can borrow books from any MOBIUS library, and those books will be delivered to Missouri S&T for you at no charge.

If a search of the MERLIN system does not return the results you desire, you can expand your search to the larger MOBIUS system by clicking the MOBIUS Library Catalog link under Research Tools on the library's home page.

In the MOBIUS catalog, set up and perform your search just as you did in the MERLIN catalog.

If the MOBIUS system contains any books matching your search criteria, you will be taken to those results.

To see if this book is currently available, click on the Display Holdings of MOBIUS Libraries link.

This will show you which libraries have a copy of that book and whether their copies are available or already checked out.

If the book is available, you can request that a copy be sent to you by clicking the REQUEST THIS ITEM link above the holdings information.

You will be asked to select your cluster. Missouri S&T's cluster is MERLIN.

You will now be asked to enter your name and ID number.

Your ID number is a specially formatted version of your student ID number: first enter a zero, then your student ID number, and then a lower-case r. For example, if your student ID number were


then you would enter


Finally, you will need to choose Missouri S&T as your pickup location.

Submit your request. If there are no problems, then you will receive a message telling you your request has successfully been entered into the system.

When your book arrives at Missouri S&T, you will receive a message at your student email account. You can come in and pick it up at the library's circulation desk.