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Printing an oversized New York Times Historical article

When articles are printed from the New York Times historical database, they are automatically reduced in size until they will fit on a single page. This often results in a print-out with text too small to easily read.

We have been unable to find a direct solution to this problem, but we have developed a procedure that will allow you to print out your articles at their original size.

First, while viewing an article, activate the Snapshot Tool. Do this by clicking on the camera icon in the task bar above your article.



Next, position your cursor in the upper left corner of the image of your article. Press and hold down the left mouse button, and move the cursor down and to the right until you reach the lower right corner of the article.

Release the left mouse button. Your article will briefly flash, meaning that it has been copied and can be pasted into another application.  You may receive a pop up window saying “The selected article has been copied to the Clipboard.”  If this happens, click OK.

Now you will need to open Microsoft Paint.  Do this by clicking on the Start button, Programs, Accessories, and Paint.



Now paste the image of your article into Paint. You can do this by clicking on Edit and then Paste.



You can now print your article at its original size by clicking on File and then Print.



You can repeat this process for as many articles as you wish to print.  You do not have to close and reopen Microsoft Paint between each article, but please note that if you wish to print additional articles you will need to click File and New before pasting in each new article to be printed.