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Setting up VPN to work with library resources

NOTE: Before beginning, make sure that your network connection, be it modem, ethernet, cable modem, wireless, whatever, is already setup and working. Your system does not have to be connected while setting up VPN, the requirement is that some network connection setup already exists as it is needed in item 4 below.

1. Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel and open "Network and Connections" Start the Network Connection Wizard: double click on Create New Connection. Just click Next on this intro page.

2. On the Network Connection Type page, select your connection type. Since we are only interested in VPN, select Connect to the network at my workplace and click Next. 


3. On the Network Connection page, select the item Virtual Private Network connection and click Next. 


4. On the Connection Name page, type "Missouri S&T VPN" in the Company Name field and click Next".


5. On the Public Network page, select your dialing option depending on your setup. If you are running a cable modem or some other network, select: Do not dial the initial connection.
If you are using a modem, select which modem connection you wish to use. (Obviously, this must already be in place before you begin this procedure; see the introductory paragraph.) Click Next.


6. On the VPN Server Selection page, type and click Next.


7. On the "Completing the New Connection" page, click the Finish button to complete the creation of the VPN connection. An Initial Connection box will pop up and what it says depends on your connection to the internet. DO NOT connect yet.


8.On the "Connect Missouri S&T VPN" page, click and open "Properties".


9.Select Networking tab Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click Properties button


10. Click the Advanced button Under the General tab.


11. Make sure that Use default gateway on remote network IS CHECKED.
Please Note: This differs from the normal Missouri S&T IT setup procedures but is designed to allow you full access to the library's electronic resources.


12. Click OK on this and all previous windows.

In order to connect to VPN all you must do is double-click this new connection. After authenticating, all information going to Missouri S&T will use the VPN connection, and all traffic that is not for Missouri S&T will use your normal gateway.