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Missouri S&T Library Multi Media Center

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Emerson Multimedia Center

The Emerson Multimedia Center (MMC) is funded by a grant from the Emerson Electric Company.  There are four multimedia workstations and additional equipment available for the students.

Two of the workstations have HP scanners and are capable of scanning documents as PDF files or images using Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Photoshop.  There is also an 8250 scanner available, which is capable of scanning slides and negatives.  The workstations are further specialized for different purposes as follows:


Windows workstations (3)
These are basic scanning workstations, with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Acrobat. Two are equipped for making image and PDF files via scanners, while the third can be used for video editing.

  There is no charge to the students for using this equipment.

Mac workstation
The Mac G5 Video editing machine has iMovie, Final Cut Studio Pro 5 for video editing and Garage Band for sound manipulation and editing. This machine is also capable of DVD creation through iDVD.

Laser Printer 

There is a laser printer associated with all of the computers in the multimedia area. Pages printed from this machine will carry the usual charges against your student print quota.


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