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Subject Guide to Information Resources

Information Resources for Arts, Languages, Philosophy and Education

Chris Jocius

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 Resources & databases for particular programs


Databases Missouri S&T Subscribes to:

ATLA Religion Index
Philosopher's Index

Library Journals with Web Access:

British Journal for the Philosophy of Science -- Full text from 1998
British Journal of Aesthetics -- Full text from 1999
British Journal of Sociology -- Full text from 1999
Ethics -- Full text from 1998. Full text of Ethics from  1938 to 2001 available here
Human Relations -- Full text from 2000
International Journal for Philosophy of Religion -- Access is provided to current year only
Journal of Philosophical Logic -- Access to current year only Full text from   1997-1998 can be found here
Journal of Philosophy -- Full text from 1921 to five years before the present only
Mind -- Full text from 1997. Full text from  1876 to seven years before the presen
Nous -- Full text from 1997. Full text from  1967 to five years before the present available here
Pacific Philosophical Quarterly -- Full text from 1997
Philosophical Forum -- Full text since 1999
Philosopher's Imprint -- Full text open access journal from the University of Michigan
Philosophical Perspectives -- Full text from 1987 - 1995
Philosophical Quarterly -- Full text since 1997 Full text from  1950 to five years before the present available here
Philosophical Review -- Full text from 1892 to three years before the present
Philosophy & Public Affairs -- Full text from 2001-2003 only Full text from 1971 to five years before the present
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research -- Full text from 1940 to five years before the present
Philosophy of Science -- Full text from 2002 to present
Philosophy: the Journal of the British Institute of Philosophical Studies -- Full text from 1998 to present
Technology and Culture -- Full text from 1998 to present

Free Journals on the Web:

Animus: a philosophical journal for our time
Essays in Philosophy
Florida Philosophical Review
Journal of Evolution and Technology
Minerva: Annual Online Journal of Philosophy
Philosophers' Imprint -- University of Michigan
Surfaces (English and French). Started in 1991.

Online Web Resources:

HyperNietzsche: Scanned images with transcriptions of Nietzsche's Notebooks

Print Resources:

Biographical Dictionary of Twentieth-Century Philosophers - REF B 104.B5 1996
Companion Encyclopedia of Asian Philosophy - REF B 121.C66 1997
Dictionary of Philosophy and Religion - REF B 41.R43 1996
Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy - REF B 51.R68 1998
The Encyclopedia of Religion - REF BL 31.E46 1995
Who's Who in Philosophy - REF B 804.W52
World Philosophers and Their Works - REF B 104.W67 2000

Speech and Media Studies

  Databases Missouri S&T Subscribes to:

MLA International Bibliography

Free Journals Online:

American Communication Association
Agora (Edmonton) -- by the University of Alberta
American Communication Journal by Appalachin State University
Canadian Journal of Communication. Published since 1991
Discourse Analysis Online
Intensities: The Journal of Cult Media
Journal of Intercultural Communication
Media History Monographs: An Online Journal of Media History

Online Web Resources:

American Communication Association


  Free Journals Online:

Applied Theatre Researcher
Didaskalia -- Ancient Theatre Today
International Journal of Scottish Theatre

Online Web Resources:

Leach Theater
TheatrePedia from the East Los Angeles College Theatre Arts Department

Print Resources:

The Best Plays of 2002-2003 (series) - REF PN 6112.B45 2002/2003
Contemporary Dramatists - REF PN 1625.C6 1993
Index to One-Act Plays - REF PN 6120.O5 Z99.L83 1924
Theatre: Stage to Screen to Television - REF PN 2189.L44
The Oxford Companion to American Theatre - REF PN 2220.B6 1984

Art and Film

  Databases Missouri S&T Subscribes to:

Art Full Text
LexisNexis Academic -- choose the Guided News Search, then Arts & Sports news to find film reviews

Free Journals Online:

Crossings: Electronic Journal of Art and Technology
Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide

Online Web Resources:

St. Louis Art Museum
Search the Missouri S&T library collection of videos & DVDs

Print Resources:


A Biographical Dictionary of Artists - REF N 40.B53 1995
Contemporary Artists - REF N 6490.C6567 1996
The Dictionary of Art - REF N 31.D5 1996
The Encylopedia of Visual Art - REF N 25.E53 1983
Encyclopedia of World Art - REF N 31.E533


International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers - REF PN 1997.8.I58 1997
Leonard Maltin's Movie Encyclopedia - REF PN 1998.2.M34 1994
Magill's Survey of Cinema - REF PN 1993.45.M3
Variety's Film Reviews - REF PN 1993.V36



Free Journals Online:

ECHO: A musicology journal from UCLA
Electronic Musicological Review -- in English and Portugese
EOL Journal -- Ethnomusicology
Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music From the University of Illinois
Music and Anthropology: Journal of Mediterranean Musical Anthropology
Music Theory Online
Polish Music Journal
PMO: Popular Musicology Online
Sound Journal

Online Web Resources:

Choral Public Domain Library
DW3 -- collection of classical music links from Duke University
KMNR -- Missouri S&T student radio
KMST Public Radio
Norton-Sony Classical Essentials of Music
Worldwide Internet Music Resources from U. Indiana

Print Resources:

Contemporary Composers - REF ML 105.C75 1992
The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz - REF ML 102.J3 N48 2002
The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians - REF ML 100.N48 2001
The New Oxford Companion to Music - REF ML 100.N5 1983

Foreign Languages


Library Journals with Web Access:

Nineteenth Century French Studies -- Full text available from 2001

Online Web Resources:


Search the Missouri S&T library for all works in:

--  French
--  German
--  Russian
--  Spanish

Print Resources:

We have a large selection of dictionaries in many foreign languages. Browse the reference collection between PA-PM to find the dictionary you require.


Databases Missouri S&T Subscribes to:

Education Full Text
ERIC database

Free Online Journals:

Academic Leadership Journal
Australian Educational Computing
Australian Journal of Educational Technology
CJEAP: Canadian Journal of Educational Administration and Policy
Current Issues in Education -- Arizona State University
Early Childhood Research & Practice
Education Next: A Journal of Opinion and Research
Education Policy Analysis Archives -- Arizona State University
EJEL: Eletronic Jounral of eLearning
Essays in Education -- University of South Carolina
EASI: Equal Access to Software and Information -- a journal about teaching disabled students with technology.
International Education Journal
The International Electronic Journal for Leadership in Learning
International Journal of Educational Technology -- University of Illinois and Univeristy of Western Australia
Language Learning and Technology
Journal of Interactive Online Learning
The Journal of Technology, Learning, and Assessment
The Source: An OnLine Journal of Education -- University of Southern California

Web Resources Online:

Print Resources:

Dictionary of Education - REF LB 15.G6 1959
The Encyclopedia of Education - REF LB 15.E47 2003
Handbook of Education Psychology - REF LB 1051.H2354 1996
Public School Laws of Missouri - REF LB2529 .M81 2009/2010
Special Education: A Reference Handbook - REF LC 3981.S33 2001
Standards and Schooling in the United States: An Encyclopedia - REF LB 2822.82.S82 2001

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