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Subject Guides to Information Resources

Materials Science & Engineering

Chris Jocius

Databases                         Journals                            Print Resources                        Web Resources



Technology Research Database
Technology Research Database (TRD) is comprised of a number of materials science and engineering databases (e.g., Ceramics Abstracts, Advanced Polymers Abstracts, Composites Industry Abstracts, METADEX, etc.). Dates of coverage vary for each database.

Compendex is one of the most comprehensive bibliographic databases in the field of engineering. The citations are drawn from over 2,600 journals, conference proceedings, technical reports, and some books. Compendex is the online equivalent of the print Engineering Index from 1980 to the present (see below for additional coverage). Coverage from 1980 to Present.

Engineering Index Backfile (1884-1969)
Online equivalent to the Engineering Index from 1884-1969. Provides some of the most comprehensive coverage of engineering for that time period. Includes citations from journals, conference proceedings, technical reports, and some books. Coverage from
1884 to 1969.E

The Engineer's Career Guide
A guide to developing a career path in engineering. The print edition is available for 3-day check-out from Reference Reserves; ask at the Circulation Desk if you'd like to borrow the print edition.

Knovel Digital Library
Knovel is a science, engineering, and technology database comprised of ebooks and other types of technical information, such as data sheets, conference proceedings, and other various reports. It has interactive tables, graphs and charts to assist users with analysis of materials and properties and built-in conversion equations so data can be displayed in the required unit of measurement.

Scopus provides multidisciplinary indexing of the science and engineering literature. It is Elsevier's counterpart to ISI's Web of Science, providing the same core functionality but indexing a wider variety of journals and proceedings. Coverage generally from 1996 to present though some records date as far back as the mid-1800s.

SciFinder Scholar (registration required: click here)
SciFinder Scholar contains a comprehensive database of chemical literature and patents. It includes literature on topics such as biotechnology, toxicology, environmental sciences, medicine, and food science. Some full text articles are available. Coverage begins in 1907. Before using SciFinder Scholar, you must register an account through this link. On some campus computers, full functionality will be available only in Internet Explorer.

For more information on understanding and using Scifinder, check out Information Retrieval: Scifinder for a thorough exploration of all the options and capabilities available in this service.

Dissertation Abstracts
Dissertation Abstracts contains references and abstracts for doctoral dissertations from accredited American and Canadian, selected British and European universities, covering all academic subjects. Masters theses are also included from accredited North American Universities. Coverage from 1861 (masters from 1988) to present.  

Encyclopedia of Chemical Biology
The Wiley Encyclopedia of Chemical Biology provides researchers and advanced students with timely and authoritative review-type information. The articles in WECB illuminate the crucial role of chemistry and chemical techniques in the life sciences and support the information needs of researchers in the field of chemical biology.

This database covers every published congress, symposium, conference, exposition, workshop and meeting received
by the British Library. Coverage from 1993 to Present.

ASTM Standards
The IHS database provides full-text access to active ASTM standards and citations for numerous other standards from
a variety of other organizations.

American Metal Market
Metals prices and market news. Contact Missouri S&T Library Reference Desk for username and password at (573)341-4007.

Access Engineering
AccessEngineering has a broad and deep repository of fully searchable engineering content derived from more than 250 engineering handbooks, monographs, and textbooks. The database includes the latest editions of Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook, Maynard's Industrial Engineering Handbook, Roark's Formulas for Stress and Strain, and more.

Access Science
McGraw-Hill's online science platform, featuring fully searchable content from McGraw-Hill's Encyclopedia of Science & Technology, 10th Edition. The new generation of AccessScience gathers and synthesizes vast amounts of information, and organizes it to give you fast, easy and accurate access to authoritative articles in all major areas of science and technology.

Materials Research Database with METADEX
Materials Research Database with METADEX brings together in one place the majority of the leading materials science databases, with specialist content on materials science, metallurgy, ceramics, polymers, and composites used in engineering application. Everything from raw materials and refining through processing, welding and fabrication to end use, corrosion, performance and recycling is covered in depth. Over 3,000 primary journals plus trade literature, patents, newspapers, press releases, conference proceedings, books and reports. The database also contains Materials Business File which focuses on industry news, international trade data, government regulations and management issues related to the metals and materials industries. Materials Science & Engineering
Scientific.Net is one of the largest and fastest growing sites that is wholly devoted to the area of materials science and engineering. It consists of ten journals devoted to the discipline and includes both "Materials Science Forum" and "Key Engineering Materials."

Phase Equilibria Diagrams

The classic American Ceramics Society/NIST resource for phase equilibria diagrams, now available online.


Useful Subject Headings for the MERLIN Catalog

Acoustical Materials Materials—Thermal Properties
Biomedical Materials Microstructure
Building Materials Nanocomposite Materials
Bulk Solids Nanodiamonds
Characterization of Materials Nanofibers
Chromic Materials Nanopase
Coatings Nanosilicon
Composite Materials Nanostructured Matereials
Electric Conductors Nanotubes
Fibers Foamed Materials
Nanowires Friction Materials
Nonmetallic Materials Geosynthetics
Optical Materials Granular Materials
Polymers Hard Materials
Porous Materials Heat Resistant Materials
Road Materials Inhomogeneous Materials
Sintering Laser Materials
Smart Materials Magnetic Materials
Strategic Materials Manufacturing Processes
Super Lattices Materials Materials
Surfaces (Technology) Materials at High Temperatures
Visoelastic Materials Materials at Low Temperatures


Library of Congress Call Numbers


QC 176 Solid state physics
QC 350-467 Optics and light
QD 71-142 Analytical chemistry
QD241-441 Organic chemistry
QD450-801 Physical and theoretical chemistry
QD 901-999 Crystallography
R 856-857 Biomedical engineering
TA329-348 Engineering mathematics
TA 401-492 Materials engineering and Construction. Mechanics of materials
TN 600-799 Metallurgy
TP 155-156 Chemical engineering
TP 785-869 Clay industry, ceramics, glass
TP 1080-1185 Polymers and polymer manufacture



    The Wilson Library subscribes to some journals electronically, some in print, and some in both formats. To determine
    if the library subscribes to a particular journal, one must search the A-Z Electronic Journal list and MERLIN online
    catalog. Search MERLIN by first clicking "Journal Title" and then entering the name of the journal (e.g., Journal of the
    American Ceramic Society). MERLIN will provide information about a journal's availability in print and/or electronically.

    The journal list below has links to a few full-text electronic journals to help you get started. To perform a comprehensive
    literature search, one needs to first one or more of the databases listed above.

    NOTE: Unless the journal is freely available, you will need to use the A-Z Electronic Journal list to access the library's subscription journals from off campus.

Print Resources

    Try some of these first:

        Aldrich Handbook of Fine Chemicals
        Ref Desk TP202 .A43 2009/10

        Engineered Materials Handbook
       This 4-volume set published by ASM International provides comprehensive coverage on the properties,
        selection, processing, and applications of nonmetallic materials. Volume 1. Composites --
        Volume 2. Engineering plastics -- Volume 3. Adhesives and sealants -- v. 4. Ceramics and glasses.
        Volume 4 is also known as the Big Orange Book (BOB).
        Reference TA459 .A5 1990

        Metals Handbook
        This 22-volume set published by American Society for Metals provides comprehensive coverage of metal properties,
        selection, machining, welding, casting, fractography, forming & forging, and tribology to name a few.
        Reference TA459 .A5 1990

        CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics (90th edition)
        Contains an extensive collection of physical property data on elements and compounds, conversion factors,
        nomenclature, and mathematical tables.
        Reference Desk QD65 .H3 2009/2010

        CRC Materials Science & Engineering Handbook
        One of the most comprehensive collections of data on engineering material in a single volume. Topics include
        structure and composition of materials; phase diagram sources; thermodynamic and kinetic data; and thermal,
        mechanical, electrical, optical, and chemical properties of materials, as well as selecting these materials.           
        Reference  TA403.4 .C74 2001

        Perry's Chemical Engineer's Handbook, 8th Edition
        Reference Desk TP151 .P45 2008
        The handbook for chemical engineers. Provides information on processes and physical property data. Also available online.

        Polymer Handbook
        Single volume providing one of the most comprehensive collection of data and information on polymers.
        Reference QD388 .P65 1999

        Handbook of Heterogeneous Catalysis
        Reference QD505 .H34 2008


    Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

        McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology
        Reference Q121 .M3 2009 (also online)

        ASM Materials Engineering Dictionary
        Reference TA402 .A86 1992
        Encyclopedia of Advanced Materials
        Reference TA404.8 .E53 1994

        Encyclopedia of Materials Science and Engineering
        Reference TA402 .A86 1992

        Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
        Reference QC176.8.N35 E53 2004

        Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Technology
        Reference TP1110 .E53 2003

        International Encyclopedia of Composites
        Reference TA418.9 .I51 1990

        Handbook of Sol-Gel Science and Technology
        Reference TP810.5 .H36 2004

    Ceramics and Glasses

        Engineered Materials Handbook Desk Edition
        This single volume is a condensed version of the Engineered Materials Handbook.
        Reference Desk TA403.4 .E64 1995

        Engineered Materials Handbook - Volume 4: Ceramics and Glasses
        Reference TA459 .A5 1990

        Handbook of Glass Data
        Reference TP848 .H36 1983

        Handbook of Glass Properties
        Reference TA450 .B27 1986

        Handbook of Glass Manufacture
        Reference TP857 .T62

        Phase Diagrams for Ceramists [available online]


        Smithell's Metals Reference Book
        Reference Desk TN671 .S55 2004

        Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys
        Reference TA480 .A6 A6177 1993

        Binary Alloy Phase Diagrams
        Reference TN690 .B528 1990

        Carbon and Alloy Steels
        Reference TA479 .C37 C37 1996

        Handbook of Corrosion Data
        Reference TA462 .H37 1995

        Pearson's Handbook of Crystallographic Data for Intermetallic Phases
        Reference TN690 .V49 1991

        Stainless Steels
        Reference TA479 .S7 S677 1994

        Ternary Alloys: A Comprehensive Compendium of Evaluated Constitutional Data and Phase Diagrams
        Reference TN690 .T438 1988

        Uhlig's Corrosion Handbook
        Reference TA462 .U4 2000

    Thermochemical Data

        NIST-JANAF Thermochemical
        Reference QD511 .N57 1998 

        Thermochemical Data of Pure Substances
        Reference QD511.8 .B369 1995  

        Thermochemical Properties of Inorganic Substances
        Reference QD511.8 .T47 1991  

Web Resources         

        Periodic Tables

            ACS Periodic Table

            NIST Periodic Table

            WebElements Periodic Table

        Chemical Properties
            Ceramics WebBook
            Evaluated data from the National Institute of Standards & Technology

            Chemical and Physical Properties
            This website, maintained by LSU, allows one to select a chemical/physical property and then provides a print
            resource where that information can be found. After you locate a print resource on the LSU Website, check
            MERLIN to see if we own it.

            CODATA: Internationally Recommended Values of the Fundamental Physical Constants

            Directory and links to resources from the United Nations' International Materials Assessment and Application
            Centre. Lists a number of freely available databases in the area of materials science and engineering.

            NIST Ceramics
            Webpage of the Ceramics division of the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST).

            NIST Data Gateway

            This website, maintained by University of Texas-Austin, allows one to select a chemical/physical property and
            then provides a print resource and/or Web-based resources where that information can be found. After you
            locate a print resource in ThermoDex, check MERLIN to see if we own it.

        Societies and Organizations

            American Ceramic Society

            ASM International

            Association for Iron & Steel Technology

            International Union of Crystallography
            Materials Research Society

            Microscopy Society of America

            Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society (TMS) 

            Missouri S&T ACerS/NICE
            Link to the Missouri S&T student chapter of the American Ceramic Society/National Institute of
            Ceramic Engineers.

            Missouri S&T Materials Science & Engineering

MSE Web Sites

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