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Nuclear Engineering

Matthew Pickens
Databases Print Resources Web Resources



     Databases (Gray Literature)
    Gray (or grey) literature consists of materials produced by governments, academia, industry, research centers
    government contractors, or professional associations that is not commercially or widely distributed. The materials
    are typically technical reports, bulletins, progress reports, working papers, and some conference proceedings. These
    materials are referred to as gray literature because they reside in the "shadows" and can be challenging to locate.
    Below is a select group of databases (some freely available) for searching the gray literature.

     Energy Citations Database (1948-present) – freely available
    Citations and some full-text of materials from the Department of Energy and its predecessors.

     DOE Information Bridge (1996-present) – freely available
    Citations and some full-text of technical reports from the Department of Energy and its contractors.

     NASA Technical Reports Server (1901-present) – freely available
    Citations and some full-text of technical reports from NASA and its predecessors.

     Public STINET - Defense Technical Information Center (1974-present) – freely available
    DTIC's Public STINET provides citations and some full-text of unclassified materials from the Department of Defense.

     ETEDWEB - Energy Technology Data Exchange World Energy Base (1974-present)
    Contains citations and some full-text of materials related to energy from the 16 Energy Technology Data Exchange
    member countries, including the United States (DOE).

     INIS Database – International Nuclear Information System (1970-present)     

    Citations and some full-text of technical information related to the uses of nuclear power with worldwide coverage from
    116 member states of the International Atomic Energy Agency. NOTE: .

     NTIS - National Technical Information Service (1964-present) – freely available
   Indexes materials from a number of U.S. government agencies. Some materials have links to obtain the full-text.

     NRC ADAMS – A gency-wide D ocuments A ccess and M anagement S ystem (1999-present)
    Contains public documents from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  

    Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
    EPRI is a non-profit organization that conducts research and development on technology, operations and the
    environment for the global electric power sector. EPRI's reports can be searched through the link above and
    some of the reports are freely for download. - freely available
    Provides simultaneous searching of databases and websites from 13 federal agencies (e.g., Energy Citations Database,
    DOE Information Bridge, NASA Technical Reports Server, NTIS, and Public STINET).  

    Databases (Journal Literature)
    Here are a few databases to search the journal literature in nuclear engineering and related disciplines.

    Covers all areas of engineering. Indexes over 2,600 journals, as well as some conference proceedings, technical reports,
    and some books.

     CSA Technology Research Database (1966-present)
    Consists of a number of specialized engineering databases (e.g., aerospace, civil, etc.) and material science databases
    (e.g., metals, ceramic, etc.). Indexes over 4,000 periodicals, which includes journals, conference proceedings, trade
    magazines, newsletters. Also indexes technical reports and a few books.

    Scopus provides multidisciplinary indexing of the science and engineering literature. It is Elsevier's counterpart
    to ISI's Web of Science, providing the same core functionality but indexing a wider variety of journals and
    proceedings. Coverage generally from 1996 to present though some records date as far back as the mid-1800s.

     IEEExplore (1988-present)
    Provides full-text access to the journal/proceeding/magazine publications of the Institute of Electrical and
    Electronics Engineers.

     Scifinder Scholar (1907-present)
    The focus of this database is chemistry, but it covers many areas of physics, engineering, material science, and life
    sciences. Indexes ~ 1,500 core journals and selectively covers over 9,500 journals. The database also indexes some
    patents, conference proceedings, and some books. 

IAEA Technical Reports and E-Books
    A number of technical reports and ebooks from International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are freely available online. You might
    locate full-text versions of reports found in other databases or search this collection like a database:

    IAEA Publications

Print Resources 

Handbook and Tables

  • ASME steam tables
    Reference TJ270 .A75 1993
  • CRC handbook of radiation measurement and protection
    Reference QC795. 32 .R3 C17
  • Table of radioactive isotopes
    Reference QD601.2 .B76 1986
  • Nuclear power plants worldwide
    Reference TK1194 .N83 1993
  • Nuclear engineering handbook
    Reference TK9151 .E58
  • Table of isotopes
    Reference QD601.2 .F57 1996
  • Nuclear safety
    Reference TK9152 .P47 2006
  • Reactor Handbook(2nd Ed.)
    Reference TK9202 .R37
  • Handbook of nuclear reactor calculations
    Third Floor TK9153 .C73
  • The decommissioning handbook
    Third Floor TK9152.2 .D3585 2004
  • World nuclear industry handbook
    Reference TK9012 .W6 2006
  • The Engineer's Career Guide
    Reference Reserve

    Standards, Codes, and Regulations

        Consensus standards used by the NRC (Just a list – No full-text):

        American Concrete Institute. (2005). ACI Manual of Concrete Practice. Farmington Hills, MI; American
        Concrete Institute. (Part 4: Standard 349 - Code Requirements for Nuclear Safety Related Concrete Structures).
        Reference TA681 .A5 2005

        American Society of Mechanical Engineers. (2004). ASME boiler and pressure code: An international code.
        New York: ASME. (Part 3: Section III - Rules for Construction of Nuclear Power Plant Components).
        Consult “Companion Guide to the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code" for index, commentary, and
        other relevant sections [Reference TJ289 .C66 2006]
        Reference TJ291 .A5 2004 

        American Society of Mechanical Engineers. (2005). Code for operation and maintenance of nuclear power plants
        (ASME OM Code-2004).  New York: American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
        Reference TK1343 .C64 2005

        American Nuclear Society (ANS) Standards
        Wilson Library has a few ANS standards located in Reference. The ANS standards can be searched by title in Merlin.
        Reference TK9153 .A59

         ASTM Standards – Only active ASTM standards are accessible from this source.

        Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) - CFR10 - Chapter 1: Nuclear Regulatory Commission
        The CFR is also available in print: Reference KF70 .A3

        IEEE Standards – Are available through the IEEExplore database.

Web Resources

    Missouri S&T Department of Nuclear Engineering

    WWW Table of Radioactive Isotopes

    Review of Criticality Accidents (2000)

    Energy Information Administration (EIA)

    World Map of Nuclear Power Plants

    Economic Future of Nuclear Power Study (University of Chicago)

    Roadmap to Deploy New Nuclear Power Plants in the United States by 2010 - Summary

    Roadmap to Deploy New Nuclear Power Plants in the United States by 2010 - Main Report

    Generation IV Nuclear Energy Systems

    Technology Road Map for Generation IV Nuclear Energy Systems

    Priorities in Space Science Enabled by Nuclear Power and Propulsion

    Role of Nuclear Power and Nuclear Propulsion in the Peaceful Exploration of Space

    American Nuclear Society

    International Atomic Energy Agency.

    Nuclear Regulatory Commission

    Nuclear Energy Organization

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