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Law Resources at the Missouri S&T Library

Whether you are looking for a specific legal case or need general legal information, some of these resources may be useful to you. These materials may be published by:

  1. the U.S. federal government,
  2. state or local governments, or
  3. private companies that publish legal materials

If you don't know what you are looking for, please ask for help at the Reference Desk. The reference librarian on duty will be glad to help you. However, reference librarians cannot and will not give legal advice.

This listing is in alphabetical order by title. The notation "REFERENCE" in the books' call number means the books are located in the Reference Collection, which is located on the east side of the main floor of the library. The call numbers will allow you to find the resources within the collection. Most U. S. Government Documents (the abbreviation for this location is "GovDoc") are located on the Third Floor, also on the east side.

Items with a call number that includes "MST Depository" are in a storage facility in Columbia, Missouri. Materials will have to be recalled from the depository before they can be made available for patron use.

In addition to the printed books, some of this information is available in electronic format. If electronic content is available, click on the underlined title to access the title online.

Occasionally, the original publication date of a title listed below is included in the call number. Usually, if the material is located within Reference, the materials are kept current with some form of supplement. These might be in the form of "pocket parts" or separate supplements. (In other words, you cannot rely on the call number date to determine currency of a publication.)

Selected Print and Electronic Resources:
TitleLibrary Call NumberSample CitationRemarks
American Jurisprudence 2dREFERENCE
KF 379
31A Am Jur 2d § ____A multi-volume encyclopedia with comprehensive coverage of legal topics from 'Abandoned Property' to 'Zoning'. The set includes a six-volume index.
Code of Federal RegulationsREFERENCE
KF 70
11 CFR 109.1A systematic arrangement of all the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the Executive departments and agencies of the Federal Government. The CFR is divided into 50 titles which represent broad areas subject to federal regulation. It is updated quarterly on a rotating basis.
Federal RegisterMissouri S&T
GovDoc AE 2.106:; located in Government Documents, Third Floor
57 FR 11814, Apr. 7, 1992The source for all new announcements of generally applicable federal rules and regulations. (NOTE: The print edition of this resource is no longer being updated. Please use the online version for current information on federal rules.)
Missouri Code of State RegulationsREFERENCE
KFM 7835
1976 .A23
3 CSR 10-4.111Rules and regulations from Missouri departments and agencies. It is kept current by annual updates from the Missouri Secretary of State. An index is included.
Missouri RegisterMissouri S&T GovDoc SS.Ad 10Volume 26, Number 1 January 2, 2001Bi-monthly changes to Missouri laws and regulations from the Missouri Secretary of State.
Missouri Revised StatutesREFERENCE
KFM 7829
.A25 2000
Also available in Missouri Government Documents at this call number: GovDoc GA.Leg 5:St 2/2000
RSMo 182.640The complete laws in force for the State of Missouri, with a four-volume "General Subject" index. Kept up to date with yearly print supplements.
Rolla Municipal OrdinancesREFERENCE
KFX 2263
.A35 1988
Ord. 478, § 2Made available by the City of Rolla
United States CodeREFERENCE
KF 62
16 U. S. C. § 1311 (1988)The official record of all federal laws. The Code is reissued every six years and updated with yearly supplements. (NOTE: The print edition of this resource is no longer being updated. Please use the online version for current information on federal rules.)
United States Supreme Court Reports, Lawyer's EditionREFERENCE
JK 1565
487 US 815, 101 L Ed 2d 702A commercial set of Supreme Court decisions, commentary, and cross-references to prior cases. (NOTE: This set covers older Supreme Court decisions. For more recent cases, search US Supreme court decisions in LexisNexis US Federal and State Cases.)
United States Statutes At LargeREFERENCE
KF 50
112 STAT 3035The official collection of all laws and resolutions enacted during each session of Congress. Contains public and private laws passed by Congress, cumulated and published in chronological order. Each volume contains a subject index to the laws included in it.
** Vernon's Annotated Statutes of MissouriMST Depository
KFM 7830
V. A. M. S. § 572.070A commercially-produced, indexed collection of Missouri state laws and federal and state cases. (NOTE: This resource is no longer being updated. The most recent content is from the year 2000.)
** West's Missouri Cases Reported in South West Reporter, 2ndMST Depository
KFM 7847
Meeker v. Grissum,
971 S.W.2d 345
(Mo.App.S.D. 1998)
A commercially-produced set which gives summaries and selected transcripts for cases heard in the Missouri Supreme Court and the three Missouri Courts of Appeals (Eastern District, Western District, and Southern District).(NOTE: This resource is no longer being updated. The most recent content is from the year 2000.)
** West's Missouri Digest 2dMST Depository
KFM 7857
Alphabetical entryGives access by subject and by names of parties to Missouri court cases after 1930. (NOTE: This resource is no longer being updated. The most recent content is from the year 2001.)
** These legal reference sets were gifts from the Phelps County Law Library. They were added to the Library's collection in 2001.

Electronic-Only Resources:
LexisNexis CongressionalFull text of laws and court decisions from federal and state courts, in addition to a wide variety of other legal information
Law Library of CongressAn extensive list of Missouri-related web links made available and maintained by the U. S. Library of Congress. There are also links to other states and countries. Highly recommended for completeness.
Missouri House of RepresentativesYou may track House Bills as well as past and present legislation. Made available by the Missouri House.
Your Missouri CourtsThe site of the judicial branch of the state government. Links to the Supreme Court of Missouri, Courts of Appeals, and Circuit Courts around the state
Missouri State SenateYou may track Senate Bills as well as past and present legislation. Made available by the Missouri Senate.
THOMAS -- "Legislative Information on the Internet"Access to an incredible array of information about House and Senate committee reports, bills, and votes. THOMAS is provided by the Library of Congress. Includes many of the resources identified above--and much more.

Additional Resources:

FindLaw is a commercial site with an extensive set of links to legal information. FindLaw appears to be comprehensive. Check it out!

The Missouri Bar Association has prepared several brochures and introductory guides to a wide variety of legal topics. One publication in particular, Client Resource Guide, is an extremely useful introduction to many commonly asked questions. This publication also includes an extensive directory of state agencies and local organizations to which further specific inquiries may be made.

Resources on Specific Legal Topics:

Environmental Law Handbook
Reference KF3775 E473 2009

Gives an overview of environmental law fundamentals and outlines the current environmental, health, and safety laws

Nolo's Encyclopedia of Everyday Law
Reference KF387 .N65 2005

Provides answers to commonly asked legal questions in easy-to-understand language

Patent, Copyright, & Trademark
Reference KF2980 .E44 2006

Gives an overview of patent, copyright, and trademark law, including definitions of important terms

Patent It Yourself
Reference KF3114.6 .P75 2005

Provides a guide to the steps in obtaining a US patent

Technology and Copyright Law: A Guidebook for the Library, Research, and Teaching Professions
Reference KF3030.1 .B533 2007

Discusses the development of copyright laws in regard to technological changes, as well as information on fair use/p>

West's Business Law
Reference KF888 .J46 2007

Covers the fundamentals of business law


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