Strategic Plan, Curtis Laws Wilson Library, 2014-2020

Check the library's full Strategic Plan, which includes categories of action and relationship to themes and levers.

Executive Summary


In support of teaching and research, the Curtis Laws Wilson Library acquires, organizes, and curates scholarly collections, and provides library service and instruction in a community space that is conducive to study and collaboration.


The library will be a destination of choice for collaboration and study.  The library will be at the forefront of providing an array of library, learning, and collaborative resources.   


  • support for academic programs and lifelong learning
  • fiduciary responsibility
  • campus collaboration and shared resources
  • inclusive community space
  • employees as vital resources
  • collegial work environment where we celebrate the success of others

Strategy Statement

By 2020, and through an enhanced digital footprint and a reconfigured physical space, the Curtis Laws Wilson Library will provide an array of library, learning, and collaborative resources for faculty, students, and staff.