Circulation Service

Items at the Missouri S&T Depository

What is the Depository?

The UM system maintains a depository in Columbia for items infrequently circulated. All items relocated from Missouri S&T to the Depository remain a part of the library's collection, and may be brought back on request.

Why is the Depository used?

Relocation of materials to the Depository frees up space within the Curtis Laws Wilson Library. It helps provide adequate space to house a growing collection, for study areas, computer labs and other services.

Is anything at the Depository coming back?

>Most items sent to the Depository are intended to be housed there indefinitely. Those items requested frequently will be integrated back into the local collection. With valid reasons and in reasonable numbers, users may request items to be returned to Missouri S&T permanently. However, any item in the Depository may be brought back on loan.

How do I get things from the Depository?

You may request items from the Depository using the web catalog just as you would from any other MERLIN library. It usually takes from 2-4 working days to receive an item once it has been requested. You will be notified by e-mail when the item arrives in the library.

Articles less than 50 pages may be requested through Interlibrary Loan ILLiad.