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What is Summon?

Summon is a simple and fast search engine that helps you discover relevant information on any topic from the Curtis Laws Wilson Library collections. It's a great place to start your research in scholarly journals, books, and more. From your search results, it's one step to the full text of articles or to finding if a book is on the shelf.

Summon is not a complete replacement for searching the library's subscription databases, but it is a convenient way to get an overview of the literature on a topic.

The Summon search box above is set to exclude results from newspapers. If you are searching for a current-events topic or would otherwise like to see newspaper articles, you can uncheck the "Exclude Newspaper Articles" box on the left side of the search results screen.

Have feedback?

Summon is always growing and changing, and at Wilson Library we want to make sure we are serving your needs as best as we can. Check out the Summon feedback page and let us know what you think!