Library Policies


Only service animals, such as guide dogs, are allowed in the library.

Cell Phones

Patrons are asked to set phones and pagers to vibrate or silent while in the library. Cell phone use is not permitted in the library Quiet Zones on the third and lower levels. Please remember that voices carry and that speakers using cell phones tend to speak more loudly than normal conversational tones.


Patrons with children are welcome in the library.

Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult while using the library. Library staff cannot monitor or be responsible for unattended children. If an unaccompanied child does not have identification that documents his or her age, campus police will be called to assist in finding parents.

Parents or accompanying adults are responsible for the behavior of minor children visiting the library. All patrons are expected to behave in a manner appropriate to an academic library.


Circulation policies concern checking out, requesting, and returning books and other library materials.

Food and Drink

Food and drink are allowed in the Wilson Library

The Library encourages the use of covered containers for beverages. Please preserve this privilege by disposing of all waste properly. To be considerate of other patrons, please refrain from eating crunchy, smelly or messy foods.

If spills occur, please immediately report the location of the spill to a staff member at the Circulation Desk so that we can arrange for cleanup.

Interlibrary Loan

The interlibrary loan service allows you to receive journal articles and books from other libraries.

Public Access Computers

A cluster of computer terminals on the first floor are reserved for use by community members and visitors not affiliated with Missouri S&T. See terms and conditions for use of these computers.

Quiet Zones

The lower level and the third floor of the library are designated "Quiet Zones". Group study where conversation is required is not permitted in the open areas of the lower level and third floor. Study groups may meet in the study rooms on the third floor, or on the second floor and main level of the library.

Room Reservations

The library provides several meeting rooms that can be reserved by students and university-affiliated groups. See reservation policies and conditions.

Vault Materials

No one is permitted in the Library Vault without an escort from the library staff. Circulation staff will ordinarily serve as an escort; reference staff and members of the preservation team may also be asked to assist in this manner.

Gloves, provided inside the vault, must be worn while handling rare or endangered materials. Typically, after materials are retrieved from the vault the patron will be shown to a first-floor table. Materials should be viewed at this table and returned to the circulation desk. Depending upon the circumstances, a reference librarian or preservation team member may give permission for a patron to view materials in the library conference room.

Photocopying of vault materials is to be done only by preservation team members, who can identify whether or not the pages are too brittle for photocopying. The person who retrieves materials from the vault can direct you to one of these team members. As photocopying and scanning will be done when a team member is available, you may be asked to return at a later date to pick up copies.